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Shopping in Tbilisi

Must see shopping list
You can visit the Desertir market and buy cheese, real Georgian chutney and tkemali. You can stop by the Dry Bridge, where you will find an abundance of antiques, and maybe stumble upon a hidden treasure.
There’s always another way, too. If all you want from Georgia, is its hospitality and a glass of wine with friends at your favorite bar - then online shopping is your solution!
Online shopping Georgia opens the door to known and trusted Georgian brands, as well as new and cool showrooms. Young Georgian designers offer high quality, fresh clothes made from all natural material, with a personality and very moderately priced. The Dry Bridge most definitely will not offer that. You can get the full scope of Tbilisi fashion scene at The Tbilisi Fashion Week. You’ll not only get a glimpse of famous Georgian designers, but also become familiar with the capsule collection by Yuliko Kazandadze, which is full of fresh ideas and a new perspective on the fashion industry.

Unusual and interesting treasures await for you

For instance, the newly opened showroom Yuliko&Friends right in the heart of the Old City. Instead of a regular store, where you can buy good clothes, you come to the designer’s home. You are offered a delicious cup of coffee, you become familiar with the art of contemporary artists and you get to dress up while you are there, in order to feel if it’s right for you. The founders of the brand Yuliko Kazandadze (Yulia Kazantseva) and her husband Sasha Pushin wanted to create a place where everyone would feel at home. Nothing formal, no grouchy sales assistants, no fancy pants of most concept stores. At Yuliko&Friends it’s home-like cozy.

What’s the thing with a concept-store in the center of the city?

Concept-store in Tbilisi like Yuliko&Friends don’t just sell collections, they make your dream to feel modern and comfortable come true. Loose cut clothes made from all natural fabrics are suitable for every occasion- a morning meeting with colleagues or a stroll with your family. The space itself adds to the unique atmosphere. Yuliko&Friends regularly host art and photo exhibitions of international and Georgian artists. You can loose yourself in a showroom like this and come out feeling inspired and full, as opposed to big shopping centers.
If you want to discover something new for yourself and your loved ones, if you want to find clothes with a personality – pay a visit to the Yuliko&Friends concept store. You will also find amazing items from other designers from all around the world. The most important thing is that you will not only purchase a comfy shirt and pants, but you will get to know new wonderful people, catch some seriously positive vibes. And online shopping in Tbilisi with kazandadze website will come in handy when you are far away from the city’s old streets.

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